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LED companies to slug it out in court
With this move Osram intends to enforce its patents on Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

In these lawsuits, the company stresses that Samsung and LG group companies infringe its patents on white and surface mountable LEDs in the US, Germany and, as far as LG is concerned, in Japan and China.

Osram intends to prevent unauthorised use of its technology and seeks orders from the courts to prevent Samsung and LG from importing and selling infringing LEDs and products containing these LEDs, such as LED-backlit TV sets and computer monitors. In addition, the company is applying for compensation.

The legal actions focus on LEDs using technologies protected by the company's patents. These technologies relate to the electrical and thermal connection structure as well as to conversion technology, which is used, inter alia, to convert the blue light of the LED chip into white light. Typical applications of such white LEDs include, for instance, display backlighting for TV sets and monitors.

By taking royalty-bearing licenses, a variety of prominent companies around the world have recognized the value of the company's patents on conversion technology.

'Our objective in taking legal actions against Samsung and LG group companies is to prevent unauthorised use of our valuable technology,' said Aldo Kamper, CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors. 'We have a considerable number of patents which we developed in the course of many years of intensive research and development work. Major competitors such as Philips/Lumileds, Cree, and Nichia have acknowledged our strong IP position by entering into cross-license agreements with us,' explained Kamper.